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February 15, 2014

Hear from the Your Shot team in our Weekly Wrap, a new feature highlighting photos and conversations that have captured our attention.

The Your Shot team would like to introduce our newest member, Marie McGrory, an assistant photo editor at National Geographic. Marie has many different roles as an editor for Your Shot, but one of the most crucial is her first-pass edits for the Daily Dozen. She looks at every single photo that is uploaded each day and edits over 5,000 images to under 200. She feels the pulse of each day’s images and loves every beat!

Marie’s Pick


(Photograph by Roger Bucher)

This photo really stood out to me in the edit this week—the bold shapes and colors grabbed my eye. I could tell Roger really took time with it. What makes photos really great to me is when you can tell a photographer visualized the scene and had the patience to wait for that magic moment to happen.

Monica’s Pick 


(Photograph by David Choi)

This photo was submitted in April 2008. It exemplifies the pure joy and love of photography that the community shares. It’s unique and fun and is of the moment. Just a great shot that shows you should always have your camera ready and keep your eyes open, because you never know when you’ll see a horse reading a book again. 

Jeanne’s Pick


(Photograph by Tariq Sawyer)

What makes this image great is that its like I’m reading a story but without any words. The vast landscape, the perspective from behind, the contrasting colors and action all reveal the challenging life led by this sheep herder, but in a really beautiful and poetic way. 

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