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Spotlight: Steven Chou, China

January 24, 2014

In our Spotlight feature, we ask our members some questions to learn more about what inspires their photography, the processes they use to make images, and the stories behind their favorite pictures.


Q: What’s the story behind this photo?

A: It was a pretty nice day to take a walk. When I got to this busy bridge, [I realized that] it was actually a rail bridge! I totally ignored that, but people started running, and somebody roared at me. They were saying [something] in local Hindi that I really didn’t get till a man mimicked a train’s sound to me. I suddenly realized, Wow, a train is coming. At the same time I am just in the middle of the bridge—oops! I became a missile and ran for my life. That’s such a funny [moment] in my travels. Photography is like my intimate friend: I feel humor everywhere, the world is more colorful, life is full of passion.

Q: Why do you take pictures?

A: Just for fun

Q: What do you like to take pictures of and why?

A: Pure nature landscapes and city streets around Central Asia, especially Tibet. When I pull the trigger, I feel relaxation and great gratification.

Q: How would you describe your photographic style?

A: Landscape and documentary mixed with color, humor, and freedom

Q: Are you a self-taught photographer? If not, how did you learn to shoot?

A: Yes, I think I am. I learn lots of tips from film and [seasoned] photographers (NG, Magnum, etc.). I am also a film VFX supervisor, so I’m able to have more opportunities to try different shooting styles.

Q: What was the first photo you took? Or the first photo you took that was meaningful to you?

A: Family shots, when I was a kid. [They meant] positive energy and strength to me, in the past, today, and in the future.

Q: What do you want to say with your images?

A: Enjoy travel, enjoy life, enjoy freedom.

Q: Are you currently working on any long-term photography projects?

A: Yes, I have been working on a Tibet theme for many years, and I am still on it.

Q: Have you been inspired by any photographers in the Your Shot community?

A: Many of them—every Daily Dozen is so cool!

Q: Whose photography has influenced you the most?

A: For landscapes, Ansel Adams, and for people, travel, and documentary, Marc Riboud

See more of Steven’s images in his Your Shot gallery.


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